Board of CEOS was founded by Thomas Hong, Bill Hesley and Steve Tsai, all former CEOs of hi-tech companies in Silicon Valley.  Board of CEOs is an outgrowth of CEONetworking that Thomas co-founded in 2002. Thomas, Bill, and Steve, all associates from CEONetworking created the Board of CEOs in early 2007 to offer superior services to CEOs and business owners in Silicon Valley.



THOMAS G. HONG – CEO, has a BSEE, MSEE, and over 25 years of executive management experience.

  • Facilitated meetings of CEO groups and advised CEOs in Silicon Valley during the past ten years.
  • Served on Advisory Boards for Silicon Valley hi-tech startups.
  • Raised funding from Angel Investor, Venture Capital, and Corporate Investor/Partner
  • Serial entrepreneur, CEO/Principal Founder of four hi-tech computer peripheral and networking product companies: Davong, Tiara, Aquila and Acculan
  • Managed one company from inception to $22 million revenue with $1M profit in 2nd year
  • Sold 12 technology licenses.
  • Director of Engineering at National Semiconductors and Intersil Corporation
  • Engineering Manager at Apple and Memorex

STEVE TSAIPartner, has BSEE, MSEE and MBA with more than 20 years of executive and entrepreneurial experience.

  • Cofounder/President of Internet Image, acquired in 3 years.
  • Founding member at Pyramid Technology, IPO in 4 years.
  • Marketing executive at Sun and Unisys.
  • VP of strategic marketing and business development in a number of up-start companies.
  • President of The IPO Group helping emerging companies win market leadership and achieve successful exit through strategy, positioning, and integrated online and offline marketing and sales
  • Diverse B2B and B2C client companies with differentiated products in security, marketing and sales automation, e-commerce, cloud computing, and smart grid industries.
  • Hands-on involvements with client companies in setting business, marketing, and sales strategy,
  • Utilizing leading edge SEO, PPC, SMO, marketing automation, and lead capturing tools to streamline marketing and sales operations.
  • A key participant in fund raising and M&A activities for client companies. Successful exits include companies acquired by VMware and Citrix.

Mike Loftus, Partner, is an entrepreneur-in-residence at The Angel’s Forum. He brings over 20 years’ experience working with startups and early stage companies. He has held senior leadership roles with several young companies including E-machines, Graphic Media, Spectron, Connectix, Netfish Technologies and inFreeDA..

Mike is currently CEO and Founder of The Glue USA, which advises early stage companies on building leadership teams, defining product roadmaps, building market entry strategy and sourcing investment capital. Mr. Loftus mentors Australian companies through the ANZA Technology Network and Danish companies through Innovation Center Denmark

Mr. Loftus has earned degrees in business and computer engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology, completed the Executive MBA program at Stanford University and completed the Franklin Covey Leadership Program.

Mike’s focus is on  lean operations, the  revenue model  and getting the product to MVP, refining each strategy in the light of real customer feedback.