Market Positioning

By Steve Tsai

Position is what others think of a company’s technology, product, market presence, and company image. Positioning is to help a company to achieve the position it wants the others to think of it. In order to influence others and for them to place you in a favorable position in their mind, a company must have a vision and product to differentiate itself from the rest of the competition and the strategy and plan to achieve these goals and the discipline and execution to provide the results and evidence.

A strong positioning is the difference that a potential customer picking up the phone to call you or visit your web site rather than calling your competitors.

Positioning is the single most important element for a company. The reason it is so critical is that it is the guiding light for strategy, message, communication channels, partnership, and distribution channels. Without a clear positioning of the company, market, and product, it is impossible to have a coherent and consistent strategy and message to the market place.

Positioning is the result of identifying

  • Your target markets
  • Their unmet needs
  • Your value proposition (benefits) to the target customers
  • Your product’s differentiation against competition


A clear and compelling positioning provides the guide for everything a company does

  • Company and product strategy
  • Message to the market
  • Marketing strategy
  • Sales and channel strategy
  • Partnership strategy


Many start-up companies make the mistake of not having a clear positioning to start the company and after. Many entrepreneurs pick a product simply because that’s what they have worked on before. And they end up with a me-too product in a crowded field dominated by established players and they have no chance of ever become a market leader.

Positioning must be carefully thought out from the very beginning and needs to be constantly monitored and adjusted.

The partners at Board of CEOs understand how the market participants think and can provide you with a checklist and guide you step by step to achieve the vision, the strategy, the implementation, and the results and evidence to achieve your technology, product, market, and company positions. The goal is to gain the leadership position in the minds of the market participants: customers, channel partners, strategic partners and allies, analysts, the press, the competitors, and the potential employees.


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