BoC members solve their problems.

The BoC team who has substantial CEO experience organize and facilitate monthly peer advisory group meetings. In a confidential meeting environment, the BoC team assists the CEO members to drill down and define root business issues and problems. Discussion of key business issues with peer CEOs can generate valuable advice from those who have experienced similar business issues in the past. CEOs who learn the effective solutions recommended at the meetings are often able to avoid making business decision errors.

BoC members grow their business.

Through the monthly meetings and one-on-one coach sessions, the BoC team and CEOs explore effective methods to grow business including marketing programs, sales strategies, sales channel selection, and staff recruiting. Funding strategies using equity and various alternate financing methods are recommended. Key assistance is provided on connecting potential partners, raising funding, valuing company, and many other important business issues.  

BoC members recruit right executives and board members.

CEO members can utilize the knowledge and recommendation received at peer advisory group meetings in building their executive infrastructure. Advice on selection and compensation of Board of Directors and Advisory Board are provided. 

BoC members develop robust exit strategies.

The experienced BoC team and peer CEOs share their strategies on Merger and Acquisitions. Valuable help is provided for members to sell their companies. 



Monthly Peer Group Meetings

A monthly group meeting with peer CEOs generating valuable business advice and expediting CEO development

One-on-One Advising

One-on-one advisory discussions specific to each member's business needs

BoC Resources

Access to a network of peer CEOs, investors, partners, and manufacturers in Silicon Valley and beyond


“I’ve found the Board of CEOs to be extremely helpful for my business. As a CEO, it provides a forum for discussing my current major issues with my peers and the Principals of Board of CEO’s. The feedback is honest, direct, and insightful. Topics run the gamut from business strategy, marketing tactics, pricing and product lines, sales strategy and tactics, how to hire the right people or whether/how to fire the wrong ones.” Tim Lundeen, CEO & Founder, WebCrossing, Inc.

“When we started, we were losing money. You helped us get profitable and now we’re having a growth phase. Thank you!”  John Kwan, President & CEO, Veripic

I’ve been hungry for a place to validate, get feedback and discuss ideas, meetings are very clean, focused and genuine. It doesn’t get much better than this.” Lowell Trangsrud, COO, Ditch Communications

“…The quality of both the participants and the ensuing discussion was impressive.” Dr. Lotfi Belkhir, CEO & Founder, Kirtas Technologies, Inc

“It was fascinating. Wonderful. Lots of great suggestions! I started thinking about other business models that I should be thinking about today vs. waiting for the future.” Steven Yang, President & CEO, Mathscore

“This has been useful for me in the context of discussing the issues I have, and having some direction or validation on the path I’m going…” Hung Nguyen, President & CEO, LogiGear Corporation

“Thomas is an excellent coach and a great “networker” on the top of the pyramid, the CEO level. I joined his group where CEOs share challenges they can’t discuss in other forums. The outside view and suggestions from Thomas are priceless. Even with my 15 years CEO experience – every meeting with Thomas is of great value.” Axel Schultze, CEO of Xeequ

“I recommend Thomas highly. His business formation guidance, computer operations know how and marketing strategy contributions have proven to be very helpful to SMP Technology and to the members of the TAB Technical Alliance. Thomas is a practical, highly principled, and hard working problem solver.” Tom Roberts, CEO of SMP Technology  Http://

“Thomas has given me some helpful advice on our direct sales and reseller sales strategies that I successfully applied immediately to operations here at VeriPic. His suggestions are both practical and based on real experience.” John Kwan, CEO of VeriPic

“Thomas brings to the table great insights to solve tough CEO level problems . He provides very practical suggestions drawing from his many years of CEO experience. As a CEO participant I get a lot from his advice.” Christian Baudry,CEO of Pacific Whistle