Advice for CEO from peer CEOs.

Board Of CEOs provides peer group meetings for CEO to get assistance and advice on key business issues and for expedient problem solving.

  • Group meeting of peers; CEOs, COOs, executives with P/L responsibilities.
  • Confidential and trusted environment for business issue discussions
  • Every member presents one business issue for discussion with the group
  • Each member benefits from the combined knowledge and experience of all attendees

Key Benefits:

  • Clarification of problem and root causes
  • Developed joint ventures
  • New marketing focus
  • Successful business acquisition
  • Key executive issue resolution

Half-day Monthly Meetings

  • The meeting is facilitated by the Principals of Board of CEOs
  • Facilitators are former CEOs with substantial knowledge/experience
  • Participants actively comment and advise based on real life experiences
  • Facilitators are also available for off-line, one-on-one assistance
  • All attendees sign Non-Disclosure Confidentiality (NDA Agreement)